Tuesday 01/16/18- Joe Micheletti calls into the show to reflect on the life of the former Blues chairman Mike Shanahan. and a word from Yadier Molina after he announces his plans to retire after 2020.

Monday 01/15/18- Stully talks Cardinals winter warm up with a word from a few of the players plus, a word from Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley and UFC President Dana White after a historic night in St Louis as our city hosted UFC Fight Night for the first time. 

Thursday 01/11/18- Hockey Canada announces men's Olympic roster, Mizzou beats Georgia, Stully tells why Mizzou could be better, and then has a talk with Jon Mozeliak.

Wednesday 01/10/18- The Blues are in a funk and Mike Yeo has a few words to say about it, and Stully has a talk with Billikin's head coach Darin Hendrickson. 

Tuesday 01/09/18- Love him or hate him, Nick Saban has had a stellar career. Also, a preview of tonight's Blues vs Panthers game, and an "integrity fee?" What that is and how it relates to sports gambling. 

Monday 01/08/18- Stully not happy with Yahoo Sports taking a cheap shot at St Louis during the Wildcard weekend, a loss for the Blues and a big win for SLU are both discussed. 

Thursday 01/04/17- Mizzou wins its first conference game on the road since 2014 and Stully ask the question, "Is Eric Hosmer good for the Cardinals?" 

Wednesday 01/03/18- Stully talks Blues after a 3-2 win over N.J. and talks with UFC lightweight Michael "The Menace" Johnson as he prepares for a fight in front of his hometown crowd at UFC Fight Night St. Louis. 

Thursday 12/21/17- Stully tells what he thinks is the most alarming part of the Blues' loss, and discusses Dan Le Batard grilling Rob Manfred. Comedian David Shirley calls into the show. 

Wednesday 12/20/17- Marlins fans are not happy with Derek Jeter, Tim "The Freak" Lincecum is ready to make a come back plus, Stully has a talk with Gateway  Motor Sports GM Chris Blair. 

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