Monday 10/23/17- A word from David Bell as he packs it up & leaves the Cardinals to take a job in San Francisco followed by a quick review of the upcoming World Series. Would you take the Astro's rotation over the Dodgers? 

Wednesday 10/18/17- Blues await the return of Alex Steen, Stully reviews the upcoming Blues vs Blackhawk match up and talks soccer after a big night for the Ambush. 

Tuesday 10/17/17- Mike McCarthy reacts to a question bout Colin Kaepernick being a option after Rodgers goes down for the season with an injury plus, an interview with former MLB pitcher Randy Choate.

Monday 10/16/17- Stully questions whether or not John Madden properly used the bull pen as the Cubs struggle against the Dodgers and a word from SLU head basketball coach Travis Ford on the upcoming season. 

Thursday 10/12/17- The Blues shoot for a 5-0 start for the time in franchise history. Stully talks MLB and raises the question, what really happened with Stephen Strasburg?

Wednesday 10/11/17- A lot of Blues talk with a word from Doug Armstrong. Stully's previous question of who are you rooting for in October raises more questions. 

Tuesday 10/10/17- Mike Yeo addresses where the Blues need improvement plus, with the Cardinals being done for the season, who are you rooting for in October?

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