Monday 03/19/18- Stully is live from Spring training. A word from Mike Matheny and Stully pleased to see the Blues defeating the Blackhawks in over-time but is still frustrated by a few things. 

Tuesday 03/13/18- Blues take a win over the Ducks, we hear from coach Mike Yeo and team captian Alex Pietrangelo, fans disappointed that the Cardinals have not added to the rotation, and QB Kirk Cousins signs with the Vikings. 

Monday 03/12/18- SEC tournament predictions, Cardinals make some roster moves, Lance Lynn takes an offer from Minnesota, Blues talk and an interview with WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett.

Thursday 03/08/18- A lot of SEC tournament and Cardinals talk. Who will  have a bigger legacy 5 years from now, Michael Porter Jr or Devlin Perez?  

Wednesday 03/07/18- Stully gets a word with Cardinals Greg Garcia and also discusses the Blues, the SEC tournament, and WWE Smackdown.

Tuesday 03/06/18- More Blues talk with a word from Jay Bouwmeester, and Rhonda Rousey is set for her Wrestlemani debut.

Monday 03/05/18- More frustrating news from the Blues, and Stully gets a word with Cardinal's Paul Dejong. Also, are the balls in the MLB juiced!? Stully breaks this down with 538 contributor Rob Arthur. 

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