Wednesday 11/22/17- Stully talks to former Mizzou Coach Gary Pinkle followed by some Blues talk and the latest on Giancarlo Stanton. 

Tuesday 11/21/17- Stully reads a letter from Joe Morgan to Hall of Fame voters asking them not to vote for PED users and has a talk with Cardinal right-hander Adam Wainwright.

Monday 11/20/17- Blues & Mizzou talk, a review of WWE Survivor Series and Stully gets a chance to chat with cardinal's bullpen coach Brian Eversgerd.

Thursday 11/16/17- Handles of the Harlem Globetrotters joins Stully in studio followed by MLB talk hitting on awards and trade rumors

Wednesday 11/15/17- Stully talks with Dan O'neil, author of "When the Blues Go Marching In." Giancarlo Stanton trade rumors are addressed, a word from Jon Mozeliak adn some WWE talk. 

Tuesday 11/14/17- Stully gets a chance to talk with Richard Pryor Jr and Jill Kimmel. 

Monday 11/13/17- Stully talks Mizzou football and admits he has been enjoying College football more than the NFL, MLB talk with JD Martinez being the biggest bat in the free agent market, and Roger Goodell's contract extension is discussed

Thursday 11/09/17- A lot of Blues talk with a word from Mike Yeo and a few players plus Stully talks to former Mzzou coach and author of The 100 Yard Journey Gary Pinkle. 

Wednesday 11/08/17- Interviews with former Cardinal reliever Trevor Rosenthal and Josh TKO Turner plus some Blues news. 

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