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Wednesday 05/23/18- Jimmy B is out "sick" so both Dan Buffa and Yale Hollander will be jumping on the mic with Patty Mo. Listeners chime in with #TheMostTraumatic.

Tuesday 05/22/18- Jimmy B may never run out of Crocky P Recipe's. Listeners play #TheSickest. 

Monday 05/21/18- In light of the recent naming rights change of the once Scottrade Center to now the Enterprise Center where the St. Louis Blues will play, what would YOU have #NamedTheTrade?? 

Friday 05/18/18- Jimmy B tries to use his "fame" to get out of a speeding ticket, another tasty Snack of the Show, and listeners play #TellMeAJoke. 

Wednesday 05/16/18- Patty Mo is out but we got Dan Buffa and Yale Hollander in studio! Listeners play #ImTurningIntoMyParents. 

Tuesday 05/15/18- Jimmy B makes your mouth water in the best way with another edition of Crocky P's Recipe's and listeners play #TheEasiest. 

Monday 05/14/18- A little Cardinals talk, the story behind why Jim & Pat enjoy taking their pants off together and listeners play #TheRiskiest. 

Friday 05/11/18- Its time for another Ear-gasm on local music Friday with the sweet sounds of our good friend Seth brand. 

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