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Wednesday 06/27/18- Its the second to last show! Yale Hollander stops by and listeners chime in with #TheBest. 

Tuesday 06/26/18- How about JimmyB’s CrockyP Recipe’s just one last time! Listeners play #TheWorst. 

Monday 06/25/18- Mondays are the worst but this one is especially crappy as the boys deliver some sad news. BUT the listeners lighten things up with #HowWasYourWeekend? 

Thursday 06/21/18- No Jimmy B tonight but its all gooood we got Snacks of the show today, brought to you by Cafe Piazza! Listeners chime in with #MyFavoriteFood

Wednesday 06/20/18- Nothing more embarrassing when you're young than being "pants'd" which sparks #TheMostEmbarrassing. 

Tuesday 06/19/18- Its Tuesday which means another appetizing edition of Jimmy B's Crocky P's Recipe's and listeners play #TheSweatiest on this extra muggy day in St. Louis. 

Friday 06/15/18- Local Music Friday! Neil C. Luke, lead singer of Old Souls Revival, and Drew Sheaffor of LS Xpress will be joining us, and by “us” I mean JimmyB and Jon Beeby of By Jack with PattyMo out on another excursion around America. Listeners chime in with #WhatsYourFavoriteSongandWhy.

Thursday 06/14/18- Welcomes back in the great Dan Buffa of KSDK Sports! Listeners play  #WhatsYourFavoriteClassicComedyMovieSceneAndWhy

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