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Monday 03/18/18- Patty Mo wants to be rich enough to go to outer space and its Monday so that means its time for #theworst.

Friday 03/16/18- Its Local Music Friday! We have Jorge Valcarcel with Boxcar! Listeners play  in preparation for the St. Patty's Day weekend. 

Thursday 03/15/18- This show should be called the delicious dish. We have Tim Meinecke of Cafe Piazza on today, the snack of the show and a round of #thetastiest. 

Wednesday 03/14/18- Bagpipes are a hot topic, Dan Buffa is in studio and the listeners chime in with #thesmartest. 

Monday 03/12/18- Jimmy B rates his favorite fish fries, a little Mizzou hoops talk, and a round of #thesmoothest. 

Friday 03/09/18- Peanut butter facts to kick off the show, Jimmy B has an unusual way of writing checks and the listeners chime in with #thesmoothest. 

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Thursday 03/08/18- Mizzou's loss has driven Jimmy B to drink. Snack of the show and a fun filled round of #themostdisappointing. 

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