09/14/18 HOUR 1- Elon Musk says he’s about to announce a 'Neuralink' product that connects your brain to computers. We discuss that plus, we talk to Psychic Detective Todd Segal.

09/14/18 HOUR 2- Zach Holmes from High Society Supper Club calls into the show and we got Streaming Picks of the Week.

09/07/18 HOUR 1- Craig's life sucks, a sighting of a crazy person on the sidewalk leads to an impromptu hands free pizza eating contest and we talk with Michael Menkin from stopabductions.com to hear about his screen thought helmet that has been stopping alien abductions since 1999. 

09/07/18 HOUR 2- John Hunt @GrimeyGatsby cannabis industry pioneer joins us on the phone. Alexis Tapia has been working on an organic kava farm for 3 years, learning about the history and uses of this sacred plant  she joins us in studio along with Heather Hausman and Nathan Forbush from Be The Source LLC.

08/31/18 HOUR 1- Amateur bigfoot expert Bigfoot Willie Jr joins us in studio, kick ass entrepreneur Sean Baltzell and his business partner Cory join us in studio to let us know how we can support amendment 2 this November. 

08/31/18 HOUR 2- John Payne of New Approach MO gives us a call, we roast the shit out of our producer Seth, Streaming Picks of the Week and Bigfoot Willie Jr sings us a song.

08/24/18 HOUR 1- A special surprise guest joins us in studio and John Hunt @GrimeyGatsby cannabis industry pioneer joins us on the phone to talk Amendment 2 and mocannacon.com

08/24/18 HOUR 2- Brian Kestler from The Vibe Tribe comes in studio to talk Ray Memorial Washer Tourney, Hope For Adleigh, and how you can help with causes close to home

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