This EEO Public File Report is prepared for the reporting period commencing October 1, 2016 through September 30, 2017 (the “Reporting Period”) covering the station employment unit (“SEU”) which includes radio stations: (1) KXEN-AM, St. Louis, MO, licensed to BDJ Radio Enterprises, LLC, and (2) WGNU-AM, Granite City, IL, licensed to 920 AM, LLC.


No vacancies for full-time positions occurred during the Reporting Period.  Accordingly, there is no data to report with respect to full-time vacancies or recruitment sources utilized during the Reporting Period.


Although there were no full-time vacancies during the Reporting Period, the SEU reviewed its list of recruitment sources that receive notices of full-time openings at the radio stations.  In the course of reviewing the list, it was updated to ensure that contact information for all sources is accurate.


The SEU engaged in the following outreach initiatives during the Reporting Period:


-          sent approximately 30 letters to recruitment sources requesting that if they become aware of potential candidates for positions with the SEU, they notify the SEU, even though at the time that the letters were sent (January 20, 2017), the SEU was not then looking to hire.


-          conducted a Summer internship program, between June, 2017 and August, 2017, with a minority student participant from Ritenour High School, located in the St. Louis area. Ritenour High School was selected for the internship program because it is unique among high schools in the nation by having a low power radio station operated by its students. During the internship program with the SEU, the intern, who had experience with the High School’s radio station, was instructed in various aspects of operating a commercial radio station including board operation and production techniques.


-          served as the media sponsor for a job fair held on September 9, 2017, in Alton, Illinois, a suburb of St. Louis. The job fair was organized as a unity and diversity outreach event for churches and organizations in the greater Alton area.  A representative of the SEU attended the job fair and provided information about jobs in the radio industry, generally, and at the SEU, specifically.


-          provided EEO training to management by sending Manager of the SEU to a U.S. EEOC conducted training seminar on September 7, 2017.