FRIDAY 11/17/17

"Buffa reviews Justice League and Lady Bird to kick off the latest dose, as well as offering a reminder to Cardinals fans about the Giancarlo Stanton sweepstakes. Mosaic Sports Counseling's Jonathan Keller joins the show to discuss his practice, the Blues fast start, and a tease about the Sundance Film Festival. The Punisher on Netflix is teased, Ben Affleck's Batman future is discussed, and more Blues discussion closes the show."

FRIDAY 11/10/17

"Buffa addresses the onslaught of sexual assault allegations in Hollywood and praises Ridley Scott for actually doing something to push the conversation forward. Brian Walton of joins Dan to discuss the potential landing spot of Giancarlo Stanton-in addition to other needs for the Cardinals. Buffa reviews the new Colin Farrell film, The Killing of a Sacred Deer and offers up two other cinematic misfires before offering his take on the new Showtime series, SMILF. Blues talk follows, with Buffa centering on what is working. Before he jumps off the air, the host offers up some personal Uber confessions."

FRIDAY 11/03/17

Buffa makes his triumphant return with a signature blend of sports, film, television, and lifestyle discussion. After getting reacquainted in the first segment, Buffa reviews Thor: Ragnarok and determines its place in the Marvel Universe. Cardinals talk follows, with a recap of the past few months, and how the Birds can narrow the gap between them and the Cubs. Shameless is back on Showtime, and Buffa tells you why it's lasted so long. The Blues are off to a fast start, but can it last?