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WGNU 920AM & 106.9FMAirtime & Advertising

Be heard on radio in St. Louis!

WGNU  is a commercially operated radio station that sells airtime for both sponsored programs and spot advertising.

WGNU  covers not only the entire St. Louis metropolitan area but also these areas on our coverage map. 

Airtime for programs is available in 15 minute, 30 minute and one hour increments.

Spot advertising is available in 30 second and 60 second units.

To receive information about how you can get your message out to an area covering over 3 million people contact:

1300 Hampton Avenue, Suite 100
St. Louis, Missouri 63139


Office Hours are from 9am-5pm

Free Tour & Consultation

Contact John Simmons today to schedule your tour and free consultation at:

Phone: 314-800-3184 or e-mail: jsimmons.radiocentral@yahoo.com